Our Philosophy

Sushi shop is adult's hangout

A building exterior, door, interior, household shrine and even also toilet, I made all with wholeheartedly.

Want to make satisfy for everyone visiting the store

That's my supposition, yes.

To make a delicious Sushi

Keeping clean to shop and don't make guest uncomfortable to value politeness

I follow these my beliefs, and improve to beliefs more and more. But I think that's not enough.

It's not only eating Sushi, before enter the shop, before go to shop, before to make a reservation, I hope you to enjoy our shop.

And then, when you drink a tea, go to bathroom, leave our shop and after the next day when you visited our shop, I hope you to take it all in.

Want to make satisfy for everyone visiting our store as a Sushi chef.

I'm thinking about I want to staying just that point greedy.

Matsuda Motoi

About our ingredients

I go around in Japan that I need to find ingredients and fisher who can be trusted.

I see and eat ingredients by my myself. And then, I obtain their ingredients from fisherman ・・・

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For new guest

Many new guest asked ""It will be my first time to go there, but can I make a reservation?""

Of course you can make a reservation and We are always welcome ・・・

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For guest with child

Our restaurant want to aim playground for Adult.

Guest agree with that concept and visit our restaurant, sometimes children will giving unusual feelings ・・・

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About the price

We provide the best ingredients from fish market all over Japan directly.

The guest who came from Tokyo or Osaka get surprise because of cheap ・・・

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If you don't know our locations, please call to us anytime.・・・

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With choicest ingredients…

The skilled cooking technique by chef who is particular about Sushi.

And excellent hospitality…

at the hole-in-the-wall restaurant where can feel calm… at the adult's playground…

I hope you to make yourself at home

I really appreciate that I have wonderful meetings with a many kinds of guests

We are looking forward to see you at our shop.

Thank you.